Pavitra Ekadashi Vrat 2019

Shravan Putrada Ekadashi, also known as Pavitropana Ekadashi and Pavitra Ekadashi, is a very virtuous day which falls in the Shukl Paksh of Shrawan maas , its on 11th August Sunday 2019.

On this day Shingoda / Water chestnut is offered in Bhog Samagri .

On this day worship is offered to Lord Shri Hari Vishnu by both husband and wife in particular, who do not have a son for a long time after marriage, to beget a male child. This day is especially observed by Vaishnavas.

A son is considered entirely important in Hindu society as he takes care of the parents in their old age in life and by offering shraddha ensures well-being of his parents in the after-life. While each ekadashi has a separate name and is prescribed for certain goals, the goal of having sons is so great that two Putrada (“giver of sons”) ekadashis are devoted to it. Rest of the goals do not enjoy this privilege.

The legend about Pavitropana Ekadashi is narrated by Lord Shri  Krushna to King Yudhishtar in the Bhavishya Puran. King Mahijit was a rich and powerful ruler of Mahishmati, who had no children. He sought counsel of his council of learned men, sages and priests, to find a solution to his problem. Unable to find a remedy, the council reached out to the omniscient learned sage Lomesh. Lomesh mediated found out that Mahijit’s misfortune was a result of his sins in his previous birth. The sage said that Mahijit was a merchant in his previous birth. While travelling on business, the merchant became extremely thirsty once and reached the pond. There a cow and her calf were drinking water. The merchant drove them away and himself drank the water. This sin resulted in his childlessness, while his good deeds resulted in his birth as a king of a peaceful kingdom. Lomesh advised the King and the Queen to observe Ekadashi fast in Shravana on Pavitropana Ekadashi to get rid of his sin. As advised, the royal couple as well as his citizens kept a fast and offered prayers to Lord Vishnu and kept vigil throughout the night piously chanting his divine name. They also gave gifts of gold, jewels, clothes and money to the Brahmins. Their wish was fulfilled when a handsome son was born to them to subsequently become the heir to their kingdom.

Starting with the Pavitropan Ekadashi, Jhulan Yatra festival, a five-day event, is observed till the Poornima. The festivities involve decorating the jhula with beautiful flowers and creepers. On the last day, worship is offered to the colourfully dressed small images of Lord Shri Krushna and his consort Radha placed in the swing.