Shree Vrunda Ashtakam

Shree Vrunda Ashtakam – 

  • gangeya-champeya-tadid-vinindi-
  • rocih-pravaha-snapitatma-vrndeh!
  • bandhuka-bandhu-dhyuti-divya-vasi,
  • vrnde! numaste charanaravindam ||1||

Oh Vrunda! You are adorned with an extremely brilliant transcendental dress which is as red as a bandhuka flower. By your own supremely beautiful bodily luster, you put to shame the combined effulgence of pure gold, champaka flowers and lightning bolts. And also, by that same luster of yours, you are continuously bathing your own personal associates, namely all the moving and non-moving residents of the Vrundavan forest. We therefor offer our respectful obeisances unto your divine lotus feet.

  •  bimbarharoditvara-manda-hasya-
  • nesagra-mukta-dyuti-dipitasye!
  • vichitra-ratnabharanasriyadhye!
  • vrnde! numaste charanaravindam ||2||

Oh Vrunda! The Countenance of your face is especially radiant, being decorated by your gentle sweet smile (which has sprouted from your reddish lips resembling bimba fruits), as well as by being embellished with your pearl nose ornament. You are also endowed with loveliness by your body being decorated with multifarious, wonderfully jewelled ornaments. We therefore prostrate ourselves at your beautiful lotus feet.

  • samasta-vaikuntha-siromanau sri
  • krsnasya,vrndavana-dhanya-dhamni
  • dattadhikare! vrsabhanu-putrya
  • vrnde! numaste charanaravindam ||3||

Oh Vrunda! The supremely pure abode of Shree Krushna known as Shree Vrundavan-dhama, which is the crest jewel amongst all the planets of the spiritual sky, is presided over by the charming daughter of King Vrishabhanu, Sri Radhika. But She has awarded YOU with the power and authority to maintain this divine realm as your service to Her. This is why we offer most heartfelt obeisances unto your beautiful lotus-feet.

  • tvadajnaya pallava-pushpa-bhrnga-
  • mrgadibhir madhava-keli-kunjah
  • madhvadibhir bhanti vibhusyamana
  • vrnde! numaste charanaravindam ||4||

Oh Vrunda! All the multitudes of Shree Krushna’s love-sporting bowers become supremely beautified by being decorated under your direction with fresh leaves, sprouts, flowers, bees, deer, peacocks, talking parrots, all types of animals and birds, as well as with wonderful seasons headed by Spring. We therefore offer our respectful obeisances unto your divine lotus feet.

  • tvadiya-dutyena nikunja-yuno-
  • ratyutkayoh keli-vilasa-siddhih
  • tvat-saubhagam kena niruchyatam tad
  • vrnde! numaste charanaravindam ||5||


Oh Vrunda! By your expertly intelligent service as a messenger for the Divinely Amorous Couple of the Bower, Their transcendental love-sports thereby become successfully fulfilled. Who in this world could possibly even speak of your great fortune? We therefore must simply bow down before your beautiful lotus feet.

       rasabhilaso vasatis cha vrndi-


  • vane tvadisanghri-saroja-seva
  • labhya ca pumsam krpaya tavaiva
  • vrnde! numaste charanaravindam ||6||

Oh Vrunda! Devotees who have the desire to participate in the rasa dance, who long to live eternally in Vrundavan, and who hope only to achieve devotional service to the lotus feet of your most beloved Lords, easily attain the everlasting fulfillment of all their desires by your most gracious mercy. We therefore bow down to your divine lotus feet.

  • tvam kirttyase satvata-tantra-vidbhir
  • lilabhidhana kila krsna-saktih
  • tavaiva murtis tulasi nr-loke
  • vrnde! numaste charanaravindam ||7||

Oh Vrunda! Highly qualified sages, who are well-versed in the Tantras of the mode of pure Goodness (the scriptures written by the Lord’s pure devotees), have praised you as being the personified energy of Lord Krishna known as lila-sakti. You are also very famous in this world for your appearance here in the form of the tree known as Tulsi Devi. Therefore we offer our most respectful obeisances unto your beautiful lotus feet.

  • bhaktya vihina aparadha-laksaih
  • ksiptas cha kamadi-taranga-madhye
  • krpa-mayi! tvam saranam prapanna
  • vrnde! numaste charanaravindam ||8||

unately bereft of devotional service, and due to committing hundreds and thousands of offenses, we have been cast deep into the ocean of material existence; indeed, we are being tossed about by the terrible waves of lust, anger, greed, etc. Oh most merciful one! Our souls are surrendered unto you – and we offer our most respectful obeisances unto your divine lotus feet.

  • vrndastakam yah srnuyat pathed va
  • vrndavanadhisa-padabja-bhrngah
  • sa prapya vrndavana-nitya-vasam
  • tat-prema-sevam labhate krtarthah

Whoever hears or recites these eight prayers in glorification of Sri Vrunda Devi, becoming just like a bumble bee that is always anxious to taste the sweet nectar of lotus feet of the Divine Couple (the Lords of Vrundavan) – such a person verily attains eternal residence in Vrundavan. Having finally achieved the supreme goal of life, one thus remains situated in the ecstatic loving service of the Divine Couple Sri Radha-Krushna.