Shree Suktam – Illustration -5

gandhadvaram duradharsam nityapushtam karishinim,

ishvarim sarvbhutanam tamihophvaye shriyam,

mansah: kaam maakutim vach: satyamashimahi,

pashunam rupmanasya mayi shri: shraytam yasha:

I invoke hereby that Lakshmi [ Shri], whose main avenue of perception os the odoriferous sense[i.e; who abides mainly in cows] who is incapable of defeat or threat from anyone, who is ever healthy [ with virtuous qualities of truth] whose grace is seen abundantly in the refuge of cows [ cow is sacred], and who is supreme over all created beings. O Lakshmi ! May we obtain and enjoy the fulfillment of our desires and our volitions, the veracity of our speech , the wealth of cattle , the abundance of varieties of food to eat. May prosperity and fame reside in me [Thy devotee ].

to be continued…