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Bhakti ka phal keval Bhagvan hai bhog nahi

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Shri Rushivarji TV Programme

    Shrimad Bhagwat Katha Telecast

    Its also available on YouTube on the BhaktiSagar Tv LIVE -
    Watch online here...

    Date:21st April 2015 - 29th April 2015

    Everyday 10:30 am to 11 am

    Sarv Dharm tv available on

    Dish Tv Channel No--2015,
    Local Cabel box Fastway- Channel No--417,
    Digi Box Channel No--687

    Zee Jagran:
    Daily 8:20am to 8:40am IST

    Shri Suktam
    Every Monday & Tuesday
    by Shri - Rushivarji

    Aastha Bhajan Channel:
    Geeta path : Shri Rushivar ji - Kirit Bhaiji
    Daily 1:30pm

    Lakshya Tv Channel:
    Special Telecast Of Shri Suktam - Ahmedabad
    11.00am to 12.00pm and
    5.00pm to 6.00pm

    Watch online here...

    Bhakti Sagar TV - Live:
    Special telecast of Shrimad Bhagvatam Vachanamrutam - from Kishangarh
    7.00pm to 9.00pm daily

    Watch online here...

Shree Tulsi Triveni

Gau Sewa

Raahu Kaal Timings

Rahu Kaal is generally to be avoided for starting or performing any auspicious or important work.


MON      7.30 TO 9.00 AM
TUE       3.00 TO 4.30 PM
WED     12.00 TO 1.30 PM
THR      1.30 TO 3.00 PM
FRI         10.30 TO 12.00PM
SAT        9.00 TO 10.30AM
SUN       4.30 TO 6.00 PM

Shrimad Bhagwatam Vachanamrutam Shobha Yatra Mumbai

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About Acharya Bramharushi Pujya Paad Shri Kirit Bhaiji - Rushivarji

Shri Rushivarji is not only a master but a spiritual giant and magician. He transforms lives by infusing the Lord’s strength through his words into hearts and minds which were previously weakened - by not only modern-living induced stress, but also the age-old quest for happiness, without knowing exactly where to find it. He transforms lives by helping souls place their trust in the right place – God.

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Padh of the Day

Ushnakal - 14 - Aarti Gopika Raman

आरती गोपिकारमण ..२
गिरिधरनकी निरख व्रजयुवति आनंदभीनी ||
मणि खचित थार घनसार वातो बरें
ललित ललितादि सखी हाथलीनी || १ ||

बिहरत श्रीकुंज सुखपुंज पियसंग मिल विविध
भोजन किये रूचि नवीनी ||
प्रकट परमानंद नवल विट्ठलनाथदास
गोपाल लघु कृपाकीनी || २ ||

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