“Devotion, Service, Knowledge, and Yoga are the pathways to gain self- awareness which eventually lead to liberation”

- Rushivarji

13-Apr-18 to 23-Apr-18

Hanuman Charitra Katha - 11 day tour - Mauritius


Contact Numbers

Laxmi Foundation: +91-7503030433

Experience, Excursions and Enlightenment!

We invite you to register yourself, your friends and family for this unparalleled synthesis of Experience, Excursions and Enlightenment.

Itinerary Information:

  • Economy Flight Ticket - Mumbai - Mauritius - Mumbai
  • 4 star hotel stay - all amenities, western toilet, comfortable mattress, cupboard, hot running water, air conditioning.
  • Pure vegetarian meals will be served - breakfast, lunch, dinner. The maharaj (cook) will be coming along from India.
  • All major mauritian attractions will be toured - lall matie, beaches, ganga talao, dolphin watching cruise, water sports, scuba diving, paragliding, Mauritian evening of dance and entertainment.
  • NOTE: All water sports are excluded in the price. If you are interested in any water or air sports, you will pay individually.

Booking Information:

  • A contribution of INR 50,000/- is to be made in order to book your flight tickets and reserve a seat in the tour.
  • Along with the contribution, please also send 2 passport size photographs of yourself and a PHOTOCOPY of an ID proof (Driving License, Aadhaar Card, PAN Card)
  • Attach a PHOTOCOPY of your Passport
  • VISA for Mauritius is "ON ARRIVAL".
  • INR 50,000 is the registration fee, which is NON REFUNDABLE. The rest of the payment will only be refunded, if asked 3 weeks prior to the travel date, will be refunded. However, if a refund is requested later than 3 weeks, the full amount will not be refunded.

Payment Information:

  • If your contribution is to be made by cash, please contribute the full amount of Rs. 50,000/- to either LAXMI FOUNDATION center representatives or directly to the head office in Delhi.
  • If the mode of contribution is a Demand Draft, please issue a Demand Draft (DD) payable to: "LAXMI FOUNDATION"
  • If the mode of contribution is a Cheque, please issue a Cheque payable to: "LAXMI FOUNDATION"
  • Please ensure that the DD or Cheque is not more than Rs. 45,000/-. The remaining amount of Rs. 5000/- can either be made by issuing another DD or Cheque respectively or cash can be contributed to your city representatives or sent to the head office in Delhi.
  • This is the registration contribution for per person to ensure your confirmed air ticket to Mauritius.
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