“Devotion, Service, Knowledge, and Yoga are the pathways to gain self- awareness which eventually lead to liberation”

- Rushivarji

   In Vishnu sahastranaam , one name of Shree Hari Vishnu is --

 VASUDEV - The one who dwells in all, the Omnipresent.

Isht, or the Aaradhy resides in the heart, it is personified , dwells in the form of Swaroop....... navkanj lochna kanj mukh kar kanj pad kanjarunam.... one can see with eyes the material form.

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The aim of Vedant is to get the knowledge and merge into ONE.,  dvait buddhi ka viraam ho jay.
Sorrow , in seperation from Parmatma, remember HIM , chant HIS name, call HIM intensly. In doing this there are few hurdles as...

 The Compassion, the Benevolence, the Charity that one does, comes back to him. Only this noble deed is yours...what you give you get...If you give respect to others you will get respect. Treat everybody with respect, old and young alike.

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Krushnam, Vishnum , Shridharam, Madhavam, Madhusudanam,
Govindam, Govindam, Govindam, Shree Ramam,
Govindam, Govindam, Govindam, Shree Ramam,
Raamam, Raamam, Raghupate ....


Mahabuddhi - Another name of Parmatma. One who finishes his job successfully, with desired results is Intelligent, or Buddhiman hai..

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Parmatma Shriman Narayan is the ultimate goal of the soul of the live. Its the natural instinct of the living to reach the goal. The human being is not exempted from the needs and demands of the body. He is under the influence of the TRIGUNMAYEE PRAKRUTI, 
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You will have to change your mind..

KAVI - Rasmay naam hai Prabhu ka, the poetry is the imagination on wings, the luscious, expression of verse. So Kavi is one of the names of Parmatma.

We must catch of the sayings of the noble not what he is..as a person, remember what he did for you, how he helped you, what good he has done unto you. By doing Punya, your swabhav or the nature does not change. It changes only and gets better with satsang, by keeping the company of the enlightened.

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In Bhrugusanhita, Rushivar signifies the dancing of two letters, RAM, KRUSHNA, VISHNU, HARI,SHIV,on the tip of the toung of the sadhak. These letters are the means of ones Kalyan, or salvation. With the constant jaap of Vishnu , Vishnu, Vishnu, one is prevented from rebirth...so the bhakti must be addictive, vyasani honi chahiye.

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