“Devotion, Service, Knowledge, and Yoga are the pathways to gain self- awareness which eventually lead to liberation”

- Rushivarji


Vishnu Puran - Special Telecast on Sanskar TV - 2:20pm

Now watch telecast of Vishnu Puran Katha daily on Sanskar TV at 2:20pm

This is recording of Vishnu Puran Katha held in Naimisharanya in September 2013.

"MANIKYAM" - the Abhinandan Granth

"MANIKYAM" - the Abhinandan Granth - containing the essence of 25 years of Pujya paad Param Aaradhya Rushivarji's sadhana, sanskar, sankalan of suvichar, subodh, shubhashish !!!

Hindi , Sanskrit, English , Gujarati language is used as text - and above all - the language of dedication , devotion unconditional love unto the lotus feet of Shree Krushna , Handwritten pages by Gurudev, Timeless pictures collection.

Contribution by expression of Gratitude by devotees as offerings unto their Preceptor - Sadgurudev !

How to procure your copy of " MANIKYAM "

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